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The Astrophysics of Gravitational Wave Sources

A Workshop
at the University of Maryland's
Inn and Conference Center
April 24-26, 2003

Workshop Poster (PDF)

Hosted by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

As the 21st century begins, gravitational wave astronomy is poised to open a new observational window on the universe. Ground-based kilometer-scale interferometers, such as LIGO, VIRGO, and GEO600, will observe high frequency gravitational radiation, while the space-based LISA detector will probe the low frequency regime. Taken together, these gravitational wave detectors will provide an unprecedented look at astrophysical systems that have previously been viewed almost exclusively through electromagnetic "eyes."

A workshop on The Astrophysics of Gravitational Wave Sources will be held April 24 - 26, 2003 at the University of Maryland Conference Center. This meeting will focus on the astrophysics of anticipated gravitational wave sources and the scenarios that surround them. Invited papers and poster presentations will encompass theoretical studies as well as observations of associated electromagnetic or particle signatures. Issues that need to be clarified for a better astrophysical understanding of these sources will be emphasized.

There is limited financial support for junior scientists.

Important Dates to Remember

November, 2002 First Announcement
January, 2003 Second Announcement Second announcement text
February 28, 2003 Poster Abstract Deadline
March 26, 2003 Invited Speaker Abstract Deadline
March 26, 2003 Hotel Registration Deadline Hotel Info & Registration (directions/shuttle)
March 26, 2003 Early Conference Registration Deadline Conference Registration
April 24-26, 2003 Technical Sessions Tentative Program
April 25, 2003 Banquet Banquet Info
June 6, 2003 Manuscript Deadline Preparing papers for the proceedings
Fall 2003 Proceedings Publication

The Scientific Organizing Committee

Barry Barish, Caltech/LIGO
Peter Bender, JILA
Joan Centrella, NASA/GSFC  (Chair)
Dae-Il Choi, USRA
Neil Cornish, Montana
L. Sam Finn, Penn State
Gunther Hasinger, MPE Garching
Vicky Kalogera, Northwestern Univ.
Pablo Laguna, Penn State
Piero Madau, UCSC
Cole Miller, UMD
Richard Mushotzsky, NASA/GSFC
Thomas Prince, Caltech/JPL
Martin Rees, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge
Douglas Richstone, Univ. Michigan
B.S. Sathyaprakash, Cardiff
Robin Stebbins, NASA/GSFC
Bonnard Teegarden, NASA/GSFC

For additional information please contact

Ms. Sandy Barnes
NASA/GSFC Code 661
Greenbelt, Maryland 20771 USA
Phone: (301) 286-7780
Fax: (301) 286-1498


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